One organized dashboard for all of your invoices
Don't leave your software behind. We support Quickbooks and other popular accounting tools. Widr Pay enhances what you already have.
Simple and fast invoice creation

Select who pays the service fee

Once you add your clients details, you decide who pays the service fee: you or your client. You can send the invoice immediately or schedule it for later.

Send old invoices

You can use Widr Pay to send old invoices as well. Fill in your information and attach a file of the old invoice.
Invoice # and issue date (optional)
Invoice #INV-123456
Date5 July 2020
What are you invoicing?
DescriptionLegal service
Note (optional)
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Total amount tax included
This is one-time payment. Switch to subscription.
Client total: ≈2,060 €View details
Client pays a service fee
Client information
Notification and link to this invoice will be sent to a client’s Email only.
Contact nameBrooklyn Henry
Existing invoice file (optional)
Monthly payment guarantee

Easy payment collection

Once the customer pays their first invoice, they are automatically debited. Only you can cancel it.

Endless subscriptions

If you have contracts which automatically extended for next period, you can define “Indefinitely” duration of your subscription.
Service you are billing for
Service nameLegal service
Define subscription duration
Last month your client will be charget is September, 2020.
Monthly amount
This is subscription. Switch to one-time payment.
Your client will be charged every month for this amount
Client pays a service fee
Monthly amount
Monthly amount
3 months
6,000 €
Client information
Do you want to send a link to this invoice via SMS as well? Add client’s phone number.
Contact name*
Contact Email*
Integrations with your tools and website

Collect payments on your website or with a simple link with Widr Pay form

Add a link to the invoice in your email signature or embed it as a form on your website. We supply the code, and, if needed, the support to install it on your website.

Integrate Widr Pay in your eco-system

Widr Pay has a lot of integrational solutions. Most popular are listed above. Don’t see your tool? Contact us and we help you to integrate Widr Pay to your eco-system.
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