A late invoice?
Get your payment.
A late invoice?
Get your payment.
With collection integrated into your Widr Pay account, you can concentrate on the tasks that matter: entrust a bailiff with the amicable/contentious collection and a lawyer with the taxation. A simple and flexible collection system that can be activated at the time of invoice, from 12% of the amount of your invoice.
RIN compliant
carried out by bailiff
100% to success
Finally, external collection is available to lawyers
Paid within 14 days
Thanks to a system of escalation led by Bailiff from the amicable phase, 1 invoice out of 2 is paid within 14 days.
Professional Secrecy
The identity of your customer and his invoice remain unknown to Widr Pay. The amicable instruction is automated.
Tact & Respect
The aim of the amicable phase is to protect your commercial relationship, in accordance with the code of ethics.
1 customer out of 2
pay within 14 days
When friendly reminders are no longer sufficient, a notification and then a formal notice (if necessary) from a bailiff, almost always makes it possible to obtain a payment, while preserving the commercial relationship.
Travaillez l'esprit tranquille
Stop worrying about late payments that are hurting your cash flow and focus on your work.
Say goodbye to the stress of recovery
And save time! From the formal notice to the signification (post-taxation), we take care of everything. And save time! From the formal notice to the meaning (post-taxation), we take care of everything.
1 min per invoice
Just import your PDF invoice to be collected. We analyze its content automatically for instruction.
How does it work
the collection?
Realized by Bailiff as of amicable agreement. Simple, stress-free and directly integrated into your Widr Pay account: it has never been so easy to entrust your invoice for collection.
  • Phase 1: Friendly approach (J-J)
    Your customer is informed by Bailiff (email, mail AR) that a mandate has been given to proceed with the payment, without penalty if paid within a week. Follow-up ensured by Me Camille Heinimann, qualified Commissioner of Justice.
  • Phase 2: Moderate reminder (D+9)
    Our Bailiff informs your client that the deadline of eight days has expired. An extension of 5 days is proposed with a reminder of the possible penalties.
  • Phase 3: Supported reminder (D+15)
    Our bailiff usually applies a minimum penalty of 40€ and informs of the additional penalties incurred in case of default (e.g. seizure of wages in case of service).
  • Phase 4: Taxation & Significance (D+23)
    A secure form allows you in <15min to fill in your Taxation request. The seizure and representation in front of your President is done by Me Sandra Werey, Former President of the Taxation Office of Strasbourg. If payment order, we manage the service for you, until payment.
Protect your invoices easily
The fixed rate includes amicable collection, taxation, litigation (service of documents).
No overruns
The subscription and activation of your invoice insurance is directly integrated into your Widr Pay interface without any additional paperwork.
Nothing to pay
No subscription, and no engagement: you choose the invoice(s) you wish to protect.
Fixed and adapted rate.
As a lawyer, an unpaid bill can quickly have important consequences on your business in a crisis context. At Widr Pay, we are committed to offering you a quality service, which protects you at an accessible and transparent price.
Efficient protection,
at the right price
starting from
of the amount recovered
Taxation & Significance
Emails & AR mails
Amicable by Bailiff
Subscription in 2 clicks from your invoice
A unique price, adapted to lawyers
RIN compliant
Frequently Asked Questions
  • Who are Widr Pay's invoice insurance partners?
    The amicable notifications (email + mail) have been designed and automated with the office of Mr. Camille Heinimann, qualified Bailiff Commissioner. The taxation is carried out, represented and defended by Me Sandra Werey, Lawyer and former President of the Taxation Office of Strasbourg.
  • How much does unpaid invoice insurance cost?
    From 12% of the recovered amount, this is a 100% success fee, fixed, where no costs are incurred until the invoice is recovered.
  • How does the collection of my invoice take place?
    In 4 phases: +65% of the invoices are settled amicably, under 30 days where the notification to the customer (debtor) is made in such a way as to show an escalation in the processing of the invoice to be recovered. This allows to preserve the commercial relationship while making a tacit and successful approach.
  • When will I get my money?
    96% of the invoices entrusted for collection are paid . Payment is instantaneous if made online (via Widr Pay), otherwise 48 hours if made by bank transfer (directly to the firm that entrusts the invoice). In any case, the money never transits through an intermediary account (Widr Pay or lawyer/bank clerk), in order to preserve professional secrecy and to respect the regulations on the handling of funds. The client thus pays his bill directly to the firm. Widr Pay then deducts the fees by direct debit (if payment is made by transfer/check), otherwise deducts the transferred amount when payment is made online (via Widr Pay). Translated with www.DeepL.com/Translator (free version)
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